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A quiet corner in the bustling city of #Saigon

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I’m sorry Mom and Sushi for using you to test my app lol 😂 #fuzel @fuzelapp (at Not A Basement Studio)

After 8 long months, we have finally submitted the new Fuzel to Apple today. Super excited to get it to you guys. Please check out www.fuzelapp.com for videos and more #fuzell @fuzelapp (at Not A Basement Studio)

Love these two ladies to death. (at Hieu’s Home)

My post workout shake. #fuzel @fuzelapp (at Hieu’s Home)

Focus on the person first, the firm second.

a shit VC from a great firm is still a shit VC

Selecting Your Investors « Only Once – Matt Blumberg

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Not just VC. Focus on the person, not the company, not the credential.

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The hardest lesson you will ever learn will be to love yourself. But you can do it.
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Bụi đời mút kẹo 🍭

You cannot business-model your way out of a shitty product
Tim O’Niel
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